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Fatumah Asha - Designing African Fashion

By Staff Editor

Don't be some person's clothing hanger or bitch

By Lauren Poole

Growing up I was shy, didn’t know my own value, and was bullied.

By Natiera Lickfeldt

Modeling needs to become more diverse - Ryan Strickland

By Ryan Strickland

In the modeling industry change, I would like to see girls to stop revealing their bodies

By Destiny Hutchinson

Fashion has always been a part of my life. But it really took hold of me when I entered high school.

By Staff Editor

The most educated models are likely to be the best ...

By Nikki Serenity

The greatest pleasure in my life is doing things people say I can’t do.

By Brehima Sangare

Eden Levine Instagram Model

By Eden Levine


By Mark Viau

Santa Kevin Feature

By Santa Kevin

I am a wife and a mother to 5 children and a model

By Erica Brock

I'm 30 years old, I have twin daughters

By Porcia Jones

It’s so easy to think that a pretty face and nice body is all ...

By D Nechelle

I'm more than a model, I'm an entertainer. I never took fashion courses

By Sapphire Hill

I've always loved being the center of attention

By Meg Barrett

He insisted that I shoot one topless and that I not bring anyone ...

By Aly Edelmann

I spend at least six hours or more a day looking for work ...

By Shai Wilson

I've personally been in dangerous situations and I would never

By Attica Faye

He thinks I'm having sex with everyone in the business the ...

By Marcia Polite

People would assume I would do things for money because ...

By Italyaa Dailey

Asking girls to do things that made them feel uncomfortable sexually,

By Misha Czumaczenko

Small Town Girl Doing BAD All By Her Self.

By Macy May

Earning a PhD in Physics, Ballroom Dancer and a Model. Oh! Oh!

By Virginia Nicole

Modeling has no Age Limit. The Only Limit is the One You Set.

By Heather diesel